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The Predictive Nature of High-Throughput Toxicity Screening Using a Human Hepatocyte...

The Predictive Nature of High-Throughput Toxicity Screening Using a Human Hepatocyte Cell Line


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Drug discovery has become an industrialized process in which vast libraries of compounds are screened for activity against a chosen target. The wealth of active compounds that emerge from these primary screens has created a bottleneck in drug development. First-round hits do not often meet the safety and efficacy criteria required for human therapeutics, so sequential rounds of optimization are required before a product can be administered to humans. Optimization requires assays that test Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism, Elimination and Toxicity. In this paper we demonstrate the utility of high-throughput testing in a human liver cell line. If the technologies and reagents presented in this article had been available earlier, ADME/Tox screening could have prevented deaths and costly drug recalls by two major pharmaceutical companies.

Cell Notes 3, 7–10.

Norman L. Sussman1, Monika Waltershield1, Terolyn Bulter1, James J. Cali2, Terry Riss2, and James H. Kelly1

1Amphioxus Cell Technologies, 2Promega Corporation
Publication Date: 2002

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