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pCMVTnT™ and pTnT™ Vectors

The pCMVTnT™ and pTnT™ Vectors are designed for convenient expression of cloned genes in vitro or in vivo. SP6 and T7 promoters allow expression from SP6- or T7-based coupled in vitro transcription/translation systems. The presence of RNA phage promoters also allows highly efficient synthesis of RNA in vitro. Both vectors contain a 5´ β-globin leader sequence and synthetic poly(A)30 tail, which have been shown to enhance expression of certain genes.

For in vivo expression, the pCMVTnT™ Vector contains a CMV enhancer/promoter region, which allows strong constitutive expression in many cell...

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pCMVTnT™ Vector

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pCMVTnT™ Vector


  • pCMVTnT™ Vector

    L562A1 x 20μg
- L5620 zł 1 266,00 Add to cart

pTnT™ Vector

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pTnT™ Vector


  • pTnT™ Vector

    L561A1 x 20μg
- L5610 zł 1 266,00 Add to cart

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GenBank®/EMBL Accession Number

pCMVTnT™ Mammalian Expression Vector Accession Number AF477200; pCMVTnT™ Vector sequence text file.
pTnT™ Vector Accession Number AF479322; pTnT™ Vector sequence text file.

Storage Conditions

Store at –20°C.

For product intended use please see Patents & Disclaimers tab.

pCMVTNT Vector.Figure 1. pCMVTnT™ Vector.
pTNT Vector.Figure 2. pTnT™ Vector.

Use Restrictions

L5620, L5610 For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Diagnostic Procedures.

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