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DNA IQ™ Reference Sample Kit for Maxwell® 16

The DNA IQ™ Reference Sample Kit for Maxwell® 16 is designed specifically for optimal DNA extraction from buccal swabs, FTA® blood card punches, liquid blood or other high-concentration DNA reference samples. These samples are typically encountered in forensic, convicted-offender database and paternity testing. The kit contains the same trusted reagents used in the DNA IQ™ System in a convenient prepackaged format and is optimized to yield a final DNA concentration that minimizes the need for concentration or dilution prior to amplification. Liquefied samples are placed directly into the cartridges...

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DNA IQ™ Reference Sample Kit for Maxwell® 16

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DNA IQ™ Reference Sample Kit for Maxwell® 16


  • Lysis Buffer

    A826D1 x 25ml
  • Elution Buffer

    A828D1 x 20ml
  • Elution Tubes

    AS510A1 x 50/pk
  • Plungers

    AS520A1 x 50/pk
  • DNA IQ™ Reference Sample Cartridge

    AS550A48 x 1 each
48 preps
- AS1040 zł 1 101,00 Add to cart

Available Separately

ClickFit Microtube, 1.5ml
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ClickFit Microtube, 1.5ml  Components

- V4741 zł 412,00 Add to cart

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Storage Conditions

Store at 22–25°C.

For product intended use please see Patents & Disclaimers tab.

DNA IQ Reference Sample Kit for Maxwell 16.Figure 1. DNA IQ™ Reference Sample Kit for Maxwell® 16.


Use Restrictions

AS1040, V4741 For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Diagnostic Procedures.

Patents - Disclaimers

AS1040 U.S. Pat. Nos. 6,027,945, 6,368,800 and 6,673,631 and other patents.

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